Over the years witnessing harmonic dance of the wilderness over came ambition to capture images..

 I wish following images could carry smell, sound , heat, cold, wind to give complete frame of beauty , to explore different dimensions..

 Sometimes it happened to be painful to wait poem starts..

Sometimes promised beauties never show up . Frustrations give way to mixture of feeling..

When you are out , sometimes you maybe drawn in to poem written and read by greatest artist, Nature..

Some time it may be unsuccessful attempt to describe what I have seen , felt, thrilled, scared, enjoyed..

Sometime I ended up with tons of lousy images..

In either cases , hope you will join me , on my magical, flying carpet to admire this stunningly beautiful symphony..

I am trying new, different format to share my images. It would be great if you could send me your thoughts as feed back.


Long, long waited dreams come true..


Embroided Tranquility in to first light..


When Sorrow meets Joy..


It was worth waiting three days.. three sleepless nights



Hunting Party...


Golden  Dance in Beluga lake..


La Bohem...


A pink and limitless joy of a new born Beluga..


As one of my favorite poet says, like touching on the boat, which is headed towards Bosphorus...

She could tell to her friends tonight, coming eye to eye

with a harmless Homosapiens,  with funny accent....

Short but meaningful touch ...


Softest touch unbreakable beginning...


Morning Blues in Saguenay...

Separated colors with a unintended Beluga touch..